Private Home Education Services


  • Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

    ABA comprises interventions obtained from the principles of behavior analysis designed to analyze and change behavior in a precisely measurable and accountable manner. It employs strategies based on scientific principles of behavior that are designed to build socially useful repertoires and reduce problematic ones. The defining assumption of ABA is that behavior is learned and controlled by contingencies within the environment.

  • Academic Tutoring

    School Year Tutoring

    At either your residence or local library, I will work on any subject or skill which your child may require extra support in.  I can provide multi-sensory instruction in order to approach subjects in a different way or a more in depth way than that which was learned in the classroom.  I can also help children with homework that may be challenging by providing graphic organizers or other educational tools in order to scaffold for success.

    Summer Review

    • review of cross curricular skills learned in the previous school year in order to prevent any regress over the summer
    • preparation for the upcoming school year by introduction of new strategies and skills necessary for the next grade level
    • subject-specific instruction for a subject in which the student needs extra support
  • Discrete Trial Instruction

    Discrete trial instruction (DTI) is a special form of teaching used to maximize learning for students who struggle with more traditional methods, and who require repetition to learn.  DTI relies heavily on the antecedents and consequences of behavior.  DTI differs from other instructional methods because it relies heavily on intensity and structure.  It is designed to be a formal, exact unit of teaching.